Simple Applicant Tracking & Recruitment Software

Optimum’s Applicant Tracking automates and simplifies your company’s hiring process. From creating job requisitions to interviewing and hiring new employees, our Applicant Tracking software can save your HR department time and effort.

How It Works

Optimum Applicant Tracking automates and simplifies the process of creating and approving job requisitions as well as the process of screening, interviewing, and hiring new employees. Approved job requisitions may be posted to a company website, allowing applicants to review and apply for positions. This process increases the productivity of managers and interviewers by pre-screening applicants based on specific criteria of each requisition such as skills, training and education.

The system maintains an extensive database of applicants considered for a position which can be used as an ongoing source for pre-qualified job applicants. Optimum Applicant Tracking streamlines the application process for HR professionals by managing resume routing, maintaining interview schedules, and corresponding with a variety of applicant letters.

Tracking Features

The Optimum Applicant Tracking database tracks and manages information such as:

  • Applicant contact information
  • Position desired by applicant
  • Applicant education and skills
  • Interviewer comments
  • Applicant status

Optimum’s Applicant Tracking fully integrates to Optimum Payroll and HR modules. At the time an applicant is hired, Optimum Applicant Tracking exports the applicant’s data to the Optimum Payroll and Human Resources employee master file, thus increasing productivity and eliminating unnecessary data entry.