Human Resources Software Features

Optimum HR software is full of integrated ease of use features designed to help companies save time & money on traditionally difficult HR processing and government reporting. With extensive employee information readily available, our software makes it simple to protect a company’s most valuable asset - its people.

Integrated OSHA Compliance Guidelines

Our software provides companies with the tools & information needed to adhere to strict OSHA guidelines, helping you avoid infractions and penalties.

Optimum HR software helps companies comply with OSHA guidelines by:

  • Tracking information throughout the year and produces standard OSHA 300 and 301 reports
  • Maintaining mandated OSHA codes
  • Allowing safety managers to access and manage
  • OSHA/Worker’s Compensation while keeping other confidential information secure

Secure Wellness Tracking

Optimum HR tracks employee wellness and exam data while protecting while helping your company stay HIPPA compliant. Our advanced security features also protect confidential and sensitive employee health information.

Optimum HR Software streamlines wellness tracking by:

  • Tracking data of physical exams
  • Generating DOT-compliant random employee selection for drug screenings
  • Recording information regarding general wellness, restrictions, and limitations of employees
  • Helping companies adhere to strict HIPPA regulations

Easy Employee Attendance Management

Optimum HR makes it easier than ever for companies to effectively manage employee attendance. Our software works as both a stand alone application, and integrates fully with our Time & Attendance software.

Optimum HR allows companies to:

  • Track and manage employee absenteeism
  • Add or modify attendance records
  • Immediately access employee FMLA information
  • Associate attendance plans with specific point values
  • Monitor infraction trends such as days tardy

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Identify Benefits Eligibility

Optimum HR allows companies to track eligibility for employees, dependents and beneficiaries.
With Optimum Software, companies can:

  • Monitor company benefits costs
  • Track other insurance coverage for coordination of benefits
  • Monitor dependents’ age and student status to determine eligibility

Standard and Customizable HR Reports

Optimum Human Resources provides companies with over 100 standard HR reports and selection options to meet your managerial, compliance, and strategic planning needs. Report features in Optimum Human Resources include:

  • Ability to generate standard reports to monitor employee data
  • Option to export reports in a variety of formats such an Excel or PDF
  • Available ad-hoc report writer

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